Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is critical to the life and success of a business. At Thompson LLP, we represent companies that seek to protect their intellectual property rights and interests.

Essential intellectual property services include the following:

  1. Trademark and copyright acquisition.
  2. Trade secrets protection.
  3. Licensing agreements.
  4. Prosecuting trademark opposition.
  5. Trademark searches and branding.
  6. Confidentiality, non-competition and nondisclosure agreements.
  7. Franchise registration and agreements.
  8. DMCA disputes.
  9. Domain name disputes.
  10. Intellectual property infringement and litigation.

As a boutique firm of experienced attorneys, we remain accessible to our clients and our lawyers provide personalized, in-depth legal representation. Intellectual property law issues are rarely simple; our corporate experience, knowledge and creative problem-solving approach is a tremendous benefit to our clients.