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At Thompson Bukher LLP, our VentureGEN™ model combines business lawyers and intellectual property experts to provide highly responsive, personalized legal solutions at every stage of the client’s needs.

The firm is structured to support clients at every stage of the business venture, from initial concept through the long-term life and eventual “exit” of the business.

Essential business law services include the following:

  • Business Formation & Startup: Our attorneys provide legal counsel on entity selection, partnership, shareholder and joint venture agreements, employment structuring, tax considerations and filing in the ideal forum, whether New York, Delaware, or elsewhere, depending on the client’s specific business model and fundraising goals. We have particular expertise guiding clients through various startup incubator programs including Founder Institute, TechStars, and more.
  • Venture Capital & Securities: At a company’s crucial Money Stage, our securities experts formulate sound strategies for analysis of capital markets, acquisition of venture capital and investment structuring, as well as due diligence considerations. Our team has particular expertise in transacting securities offerings for international companies through the various Securities Act exemptions including Regulation D, Regulation S and Rule 144A. Please see our Venture Capital & Securities services for more details.
  • General Counsel Services: The core precepts of our VentureGEN™ model centers on staffing client matters with corporate and intellectual property experts to provide efficient legal support for a company’s day to day Run Stage. To this end, the Thompson Bukher staff consists solely of experts in corporate, commercial and intellectual property matters who work together to maintain our client’s corporate governance, support transactions that exploit and protect the client’s intellectual property assets, and provide counsel on regulatory matters that are relevant to modern and tech ventures.
  • The Exit Stage: Our securities experts are equipped to handle all aspects of ending or transferring ownership of businesses. Typical client needs at the Exit Stage include mergers and acquisitions, exit sales, asset sales, bankruptcy and other issues that arise at the close of businesses.

The Thompson Bukher staff have cut their teeth at large firms. Our boutique size and specific focus on a narrow range of corporate issues allows us to be more responsive, creative, efficient and personalized in the services we provide.

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  • New York Employees Are Mandated Sick Pay

    Effective April 1, 2014, employers in New York City employing 20 or more employees must give each employee one hour of paid sick leave for every 30-hour period that employee works. The ESTA caps the sick leave grant at 40 hours (five work days) per calendar year.

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