Published by LawTechie - April 8, 2011 - LawTechie

In 2008 a group of online marketers sued Google for placing their Adwords listings into the Adsense for Domains and AdSense and Errors programs which serve ads on typo sites (sites lacking content) that are visited by accident. The marketers argued that such ads on parked domains “were unlikely to lead to desirable business outcomes, and that placement on such pages could damage their brands.”

This week California U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Harold Lloyd ordered Google to disclose its financial metrics associated with the “parked domains” and “errors” programs. Mediapost reports:

The data that Google must disclose concerns its assessment of the quality of sites within its AdSense network, including its parked domain and errors pages. Among other information, Google must reveal the “conversion score value of the property source” — defined in the court order as “a metric Google uses to price clicks from Web sites contained in its network.”

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