Published by LawTechie - February 8, 2012 - LawTechie

Internet LawThe Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has released final privacy policy guidelines for mobile application developers. As per the press release:

“Privacy policies are a key consumer disclosure tool for app developers and important to establishing and maintaining consumer trust,” said Alan Chapell, Co-chair of the MMA Privacy & Advocacy Committee. “Our guidelines offer developers the foundation from which to craft a document that reflects the privacy practices of each of their apps and helps them stay in compliance with applicable law and industry standards. We urge app developers to consult with their legal counsel when adapting these guidelines for their purposes.”

The full privacy policy guidelines can be accessed here. The central recommendations seem to be the inclusion of opt-in and opt-out rights, as well as disclosure by the developer of its app’s data retention policies.

Developers should note that it is not enough to disclose a “good” privacy policy. The FTC will investigate and prosecute, under false advertising, any company that fails to abide by its disclosed policies.

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