Published by LawTechie - March 15, 2012 - LawTechie

CopyrightThese past two weeks have fortunately unfortunately been so busy with a new spate of intellectual property litigation, I haven’t had a chance to post much. Ironically, my esteemed colleague Ron Coleman over at the Likelihood of Confusion blog just posted a lengthy rebuke to companies who use the legal system as a means of edging out the competition. Ironic because helping clients defend against these nonsense suits makes my living (and I’m sure Ron’s as well), but I share Ron’s annoyance with this abuse of our legal system:

For every Righthaven situation where not only a single judge, but an entire court, decides that enough is enough and makes a plaintiff pay for its abuse of the courts, a hundred plaintiffs either drive a legitimate startup into the ground by securing a legally indefensible ruling — whether in an injunction hearing, a discovery dispute or in some pathetic parody of a trial — or providing the lawyers for such companies the dubious chance to achieve that bitterwseet folk glory that comes with accumulating Pyrrhic legal victories for companies that, like Veoh, can’t afford enough justice to keep the lights on by the time it arrives.

Read Ron’s full, detailed and absolutely justified tirade here.

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