Published by LawTechie - August 15, 2011 - LawTechie

intellectual property lawyer ny2012 is slated to mark the year when intellectual property assets receive their own marketplace for “investors”  to bid on licensing and sales contracts on, presumably, trademarks and patents. Our colleagues at Gibbons PC report:

The Chicago-based Intellectual Property Exchange International (“IPXI”), debuting in 2012, bills itself as “[T]he world’s first financial exchange focused on IP rights.” The IPXI will strive to eliminate current licensing inefficiencies like cost, lack of transparency and time consumption, by creating an open market for IP assets, where the intangible IP asset will become a commodity via a Unit License Right (“ULR”) contract.

Per IPXI’s website:

With input from leading corporate IP owners, the Exchange provides for price discovery and a thorough process of selecting and screening quality patents, enabling management to make better decisions about intellectual asset management and R&D matters.

This will be an interesting development and will certainly present some questions, specifically in the field of trademark licensing (e.g., “naked licensing” issues are sure to arise depending on how these licenses are structured).

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