Published by LawTechie - May 14, 2012 - LawTechie

CopyrightUp on Techdirt is an interesting article about a nifty little technology that Microsoft has developed which can supposedly disrupt BitTorrent transmissions. Evidently Hollywood has licensed and intends to use the technology to fight piracy.

John Pettitt, former VP of engineering at BitTorrent:

Reading the article it sound like they are spoofing traffic to confuse torrent clients and force disconnects. It’s not at all clear if this will work against all versions of the protocol (particularly the udp based version). Leaving aside the technical issues it’s also unclear if such action is legal. It sounds like a targeted denial of service attack, a major corporation paying for such an attack leaves itself wide open to civil and criminal legal action particularly if they accidentally target the wrong torrent which given the history is highly likely.

Enough said I think.

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