The US-EU Safe Harbor For Data Transfer No Longer Valid

In what may be a significant ruling for e-commerce and other e-businesses transacting in the European Union, the Court of Justice of the EU has declared the Safe Harbor mechanism for data transfer from the EU to the United States invalid.

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User Privacy and Beacons: Proximity Marketing and Privacy, A White Paper on the Future of Responsible Proximity Marketing

The firm's Tim Bukher and client Signal360 have co-authored a whitepaper on privacy issues and best practices as related to proximity marketing technology.

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Restricted Stock: Tax planning with 83(b)

For entrepreneurs, startup founders and company executives, restricted stock grants have great potential for enormous tax wins and some risk of costly loses.

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The Intellectual Property Needs Of A Startup Business

The assets of a modern startup business are tied to its intellectual property holdings. This is because the modern startup typically initiates its presence in the internet space where intellectual property is the main, if not the only brick, in the startup's foundation.

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Establishing A Foreign Business In The United States

The process to setup a foreign business in the United States involves various areas of business law and intellectual property.

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