Published by LawTechie - October 16, 2012 - LawTechie

Internet lawIn 2004 California passed a law that requires companies to link to their website privacy policy. Although the law predates smartphone applications, the State Attorney General has begun to issue warnings (on Twitter no less) to companies that fail to respect the law in their Apps.

According to MediaPost:

[CA Attorney General] Harris recently issued the following tweet regarding United Airlines: “Fabulous app, @United Airlines, but where is your app’s #privacy policy?” she wrote.

Harris has repeatedly said [the law] applies to apps. In fact, earlier this year Harris convinced the major app marketplaces to promise that they will require apps available on their platforms to have privacy policies.

As MediaPost notes, privacy policies are not a panacea to getting sued for privacy violations. But a well-drafted privacy policy, especially when properly followed by the company, will outline users’ expectations and, therefore, should help avoid (or dismiss) most lawsuits so long as the company honors the expectations it sets.

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