USPTO to Prioritize Green Tech Applications

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is running a pilot program to accelerate the patent applications pertaining to green technologies. Applications connected to green tech will be examined out of turn (the current default timeline is 3+ years): Currently, an application pertaining to environmental quality, or energy conservation, development of renewable energy resources […]

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Net Neutrality Concerns For Small Businesses

The FCC’s recent net neutrality proposal carries a great potential to aid the business sector and, as with most government initiatives, it also carries an equally great risk of screwing everything up. Here’s what small business owners should know: Net neutrality in a nutshell: Internet service providers (ISPs) cannot discriminate among their users in deciding […]

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Gawker Contest Raises Legal Concerns

A contest launched by Gawker, followed by a stern demand from Apple, raises an interesting legal issue for local news outlets: Hours after launching a contest to pay thousands of dollars for a peek at the Apple Tablet, Gawker received a letter from Apple’s lawyers that read: “Apple insists that you immediately discontinue the Scavenger […]

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I’m Featured In A Defendant’s Viral YouTube Video

In what is actually a first (and hopefully not last) for me, I’m featured in a viral YouTube video posted yesterday by the defendants in a copyright infringement lawsuit we brought on behalf of a client. It feels sort of flattering to be suddenly hated by 1.5 million of what seem to be a hybrid […]

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