Oculus VR Sued By ZeniMax Media For Trade Secret Theft

In a surprising turn of events, Kickstarter star Oculus VR has just been sued by game developer ZeniMax Media for misappropriation of trade secrets in connection with its Rift headset technology. According to the press release: The suit arises from the defendants’ unlawful exploitation of intellectual property, including trade secrets, copyrighted computer code, and technical […]

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Austin Tech Entrepreneurs Rejoice: LiveOak Venture Partners Enters With A $109M Fund

The Austin tech startup market just got a new seed and Series A round backer in the form of LiveOak Venture Partners. Venu Shamapant, Krishna Srinivasan, and Ben Scott, all formerly of Austin Ventures, have today announced the launch of their new $109M fund geared at early-stage technology ventures. According to their press release: LiveOak Venture […]

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Privacy Law: Microsoft’s Cortana Won’t Talk To Kids

In an interesting cross-section between privacy law and virtual reality, it seems that Cortana (Microsoft’s equivalent to Apple’s Siri) won’t talk to kids. According to Gamespot: Like Apple’s Siri on iPhone, Cortana’s speech recognition allows users to ask it questions and perform specific tasks. Cortana also collects data on users in the process in order […]

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Aereo In The Supreme Court: Will a ruling against Aereo ruin Cloud Computing?

In anticipation of my panel participation at the TVNewser Show Conference, where I will be discussing developments in the Aereo appeal, I have been jotting a few notes on side developments that I thought were interesting during last week’s Supreme Court hearing. Setting aside for a moment the big picture debate for and against judicial […]

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New FTC And EEOC Guidance Confirms That Shoulder Surfing Is Dangerous For Employers

For years I have been harping that businesses accessing employee social media accounts is a bad idea. We have seen federal courts allow privacy violation lawsuits for this behavior while some states have passed laws flat-out prohibiting “shoulder surfing.” Now the FTC and EEOC have come together to issue guidelines which, in so many words, […]

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