Court Transfers Domain Name To Plaintiff In Wiretap Case

In a unique bit of jurisprudence, a federal court has awarded the transfer of several domain names to the plaintiff in a Federal Wiretap case. My firm, Thompson Bukher LLP, secured the permanent injunction order on default when the anonymous defendants (predictably) failed to appear in the matter. The ruling is unique in the sense […]

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Website Development Money Matters. Even for Startups… Especially for Startups

Lately I’ve been noticing more and more entrepreneurs with skewed expectations of the cost of software development of their SaaS or e-commerce ventures. These clients turn to services like Elance to find software development vendors — usually based in developing countries —  proposing to create websites for pennies on the dollar of what a US […]

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Is Aereo Now A Cable Provider?

Earlier this month startup digital streamer Aereo suffered a huge setback when the Supreme Court ruled that its streaming model violated broadcasters’ exclusive right to publicly perform their copyrighted works. As I complained noted in my post on the decision, the Supreme Court overruled 6 years of 2nd Circuit jurisprudence seemingly because it just did […]

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Supreme Court Rules Aereo Illegal, Seemingly Because It Doesn’t Like It

The Supreme Court just released its decision in American Broadcasting v. Aereo, 573 U.S. ___ (2014), holding the internet service illegal for violating the broadcasters’ exclusive right to publicly perform their copyrighted works. The ruling seems to indicate that the Court cares less about how Aereo’s technology is setup to technically avoid violating the Copyright […]

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Tesla Motors Declares Its Patents Open Source

In what seems to be a first of its kind open source license grant to the public, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced yesterday that Tesla will not initiate patent suits against any person or entity that will “in good faith” use their technology. According to the statement on Tesla’s corporate blog (the post title […]

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