US Dept. Of Transportation Embraces Self-Driving Technology

The US Department of Transportation has indicated that it is ready to embrace self-driving technology. A proposed new rule by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would require all newly built light-duty vehicles to carry vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology.

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DMCA Notice-And-Takedown Is Good For Entrepreneurs

Professors Sprigman and Lemley wrote an excellent opinion piece in the LA Times explaining the value of the DMCA’s notice-and-takedown process. Hollywood and other BigContent groups have been pushing for an alternative “notice and staydown” measure that would require content hosts to invest in expensive technology to watermark/monitor content.

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Some More Thoughts On Net Neutrality: Internet Freedom Act

To continue with my thoughts–again, I have yet to take a position on this Net Neutrality debate and will not do so until I read some concrete arguments–I did want to point out my skepticism over all the intense reaction I am seeing to the House’s proposed Internet Freedom Act. A Facebook friend shared this […]

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Some Thoughts On Net Neutrality

“Thoughts” not “position” because, to be frank, I have yet to read a compelling argument to land on either side of the net neutrality debate. I do have some concerns, however, about the “religious fervor” that pro-regulation has taken on in Silicon Valley (according to this Mercury News article at any rate). In Silicon Valley, “net […]

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With Online Collaboration Always Think Twice

Writers, bloggers, auteurs: Ever look to tighten that dialogue, perhaps crowdsource an idea for that third act climax? The social interaction and sharing technologies brought about by Web2.0 may seem like an ideal platform for writers to workshop their work with others. Beware! Here be dragons in the realm of copyright law.

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